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Well thats incredibly disapointing.

I bought some sock wool, bloody expensive stuff, 8 quid a ball

I followed the pattern religiously even though it seems daft as crap, you know, I was right, it was daft as crap.. Was the author drunk when they came up with this as a basic sock???

Ok you chain 34, and then do 34 rows of 32 stitches in a US SC.. in a hook thats way big for the wool, so if you stretch it it turns into a kinda mesh thing but doesnt stretch back.. you then turn your work so your rows become columns and sc your way round for 2″, do a heel, in a very bizarre way then go round and round some more till you get to the toes. Crochet doesnt stretch, so as a result, none of this sock would stretch..

As a result this thing looked like a monstrosity, thankfully I had done it without cutting the yarn and undid the whole thing..

So, as I had hoped to make a load of socks and have currently 3 balls and have another 10 (thankfully cheaper but still…) on the way

What do you do with sock yarn if socks and crochet just turn out bad? and I dont want t knit them

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