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Driving miss crazy!

OK, I bought a new wool winder a while back, cos they really help, and I thought a different style might wind easier, etc.. The new one is the one on the right – with the guider for the yarn.

It does make small tidy balls but, I think unless you have 50g balls this is a waste of life.This is what happens as you use them.

Now, this is the worst of 2, but this took over an hour to deknot! come on, it was wound carefully as a ball and it took an hour to undo what it did to itself! ARGH!


While this one looks less of a knot, actually I wound it onto the cone of the worst winder by hand, and then as I was winding it onto the proper winder,  (you cant wind direct as you need to feed it through itself a lot), it tied itself in another knot, so theres most of that now in an ignored knot thrown at the other couch!


Look! I made some stitch markers, I made loads actually, these were the first 3, I think I made somewhere between 40 and 50 !!

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