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Stephanie’s blanket–Day 5

Here after known as Missing Stitches day


Now, at the top of his arm pits, I have all the stiches, the 3 yellow segments are correct in width, as is the width of the black bits.

By the first row of his chin, I am 2 stitches short in the yellow. First reaction – Ive stuffed moving in of the black, nope the black bits are correct width, as is the size of the white surround. If you expand the picture you can count, for yourselves. If you spot my missing stiches, man, please tell me! half of tonight was wasted looking for them. Its somewhere in the 20 odd rows between armpit and chin, somewhere in the yellow section, normally the stiches kinda look like F’s eg a bar on the left with an = part for the rest of the stitch, when you change colours (my usual place to miss them) its more easy to join two together, similarly to find joined ones usually you’ll see a kinda N for 3 stitches where 2 bars join.. so normally once you know to look for them, you can find them but I’ve looked and looked and Im going to go to bed through insanity.

If you find them please, please, please, please email me with where!

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