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The Bavarian crochet lap blanket completed

Well, its finished. Its 34” square, its not a great picture but


To me, the “back” is actually nicer than the front, its pretty warm though so it will be good in winter. The person I was going to give it to, doesnt want it, and not because they dont like it – they didnt even see it.. pfft.

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4 Responses to “The Bavarian crochet lap blanket completed”

  1. dearani says:

    didn’t want it?! it’s so pretty!! you know… if you ever run into this situation again, i do not discriminate against gifts or gift givers! =P your work is always so pretty, i can’t imagine anyone not feeling lucky to get their hands on a piece made just for them.

  2. Tina says:

    do you have the instruction for this blanket? I love what you did <3

  3. Liz says:


    It really is very simple, and theres no need to spend the $12.95 from annies attic etc to learn it, when that site tells it all.

  4. Mona Wills says:

    I have made two afghans of Bavarian crochet stitch and love the stitch..I did do a varation tho,,I didn`t want a square afghan so I made a long chain and then started going all the way across and ended,went back to beginning and did the next row,and continued to the length I wanted,,,

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