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Blanket completed!

So, in essence the blanket is finished – bar sewing a few ends in. Frustratingly sewing ends is more complex with this stitch but, it will give me something to do I guess.



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6 Responses to “Blanket completed!”

  1. dearani says:

    looks good, darlin! i know a beautiful little girl if you still have no one to give it to! =P

  2. Very pretty! Great job, Liz

  3. David Clegg says:

    Sure it's compiled, but does it actually execute without crashing? :-)Seriously though, nice work!

  4. Liz Kimber says:

    Curiously it took over 4 days for facebook to get their RSS feed working for the blog – the only condition they have is it passes some validator – which it did, but in 4 days it didnt manage to update ..:) Im glad it woke up though!Thanks guys, I kinda like it, shame about the change of pink though.

  5. Liz says:

    Maybe if when I’ve sewen the ends in. It would cost a fair bit to package mind. But we can see.

  6. Shahadan says:

    I just started to make a blnekat for a baby and love this granny square. But when I try to do it it comes out lopsided. I count the stitches and they have the right amount however it looks wider on the outside than the inside. I see that it doesn’t make a perfect square but mines looks weird. What am I doing wrong?

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