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Thought of the day.. I crochet not knit, so?

As a child I was taught to knit, hated it. Hated it with a lot of passion too. It would take me months to knit the back of a childs sweater, even a simple one, so by the time I got to the end of that, I had run out of interest in making the whole, doing the front and 2 sleeves and sewing it together, so in the end, my mother had to finish each and every one. (I think I managed 1 whole 1 when i was a kid, it was pastel and slightly fluffy and I loved it but it took about a year to make)

So, as an adult I learnt to crochet, I love it, with all my heart. I could crochet my life away. Now, sure there are similarities of knitting and crochet, but, they are also very distinctly different.

Now, crochetting is french, knitting is as old as old and be.

Now, grouping the 2 together like amazon and so many places do. But that’s a bit like telling all christians they are the same, sure they have many similarities, but they aren’t the same. Even items that look similar at the end, act differently because they were made differently. Yes, its possible to like both, but, just as some people are cat people and others dogs, all are pet lovers, but its a subsection of them. so..

PLEASE stop grouping knitting with crochet, I love crochet. I couldn’t care less for knitting, I dont want to be spammed about knitting by amazon, and all the crochet things I’ve joined – if I wanted knitting. I would have asked for it.

Thank you.

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  1. dearani says:

    i guess the crazes like me that like it all ruin it for you, huh?

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