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So, the new blankets going OK, its now 19”x34” (its 34” wide) and you know what?


I checked I had plenty of wool when I started but what I was too stupid to notice was that the baby pink I picked up  turns out to be the 1 and only 3/4 ball of extra pale baby pink I have. The rest are all a stronger shade – or different batch. So. Now Ive basically run out of the original ball, Im stuck. Im going to have to work both top and bottom to keep it even and have the paler stripes in the middle, otherwise it would look terrible. As it is, Im annoyed. Very annoyed.  19” is just not big enough to pass off.I am, infinitely stupid.

How disapointing.

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  1. Liz Kimber says:

    I have a horrid feeling this is gonna look poor by the time I finish. Despite only a slight difference in the strengt of the pink and intending to make bigger by using both top and bottom.. I cant help but feel its going to make it look wrong.

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