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Granny Squares update with pic

So,  I finally sewed the squares together, having completed enough for the current round. I believe I have a minimum of 2 more rounds to go before I can argue it could be finished. To be honest I am sick of this blanket, I don’t dislike granny squares to make, its the sewing them together. All the ends, the photo doesn’t do the ends justice.


It has to have 2 more rounds, it looks too much like a rather prominently known German associated logo.

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3 Responses to “Granny Squares update with pic”

  1. That looks awesome, Liz!!

  2. Liz Kimber says:

    Yeah, not as awsome as I'd have liked – I would have needed to do much smaller granny squares for that. Thats around 47" square. In 2 more rounds it will look less like the well known logo and more like a swirl, but I hate it. I may actually have to hide it in a bag and start something new before I go insane.

  3. Tincy says:

    Hi i absolutely LOVE your blnaekt!! I have been trying to find a granny square blnaekt that i could make for while im at work. If you would please give a better description or even write your instructions in detail that would be great and very helpful! thanks soo much!!! very very beautiful!!

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