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Progress on the granny swirl (and more stuff)

I’ve run into a stupid problem. Something which is entirely my own fault. I am incredibly stupid.

What is it you ask?

Its going to be the size of a football pitch at this rate. Each individual square I am making is around 4” square. Which at quick calculations at an 18 mini squares is 72”. OK, thats 6 ft ish right? which is about right, err, 38 mini squares would be 12ft6”+ thats WAYYYYY too big. My pattern as you can see from before, Previous post that its 38×38.. oops.

I think if I made the squares half the size they are now, of course then there would be a humungous amount of joins which tend to be harder to the touch and of course a gazillion ends, and and and. (thats 1444 squares after all if I had stuck to the 38×38 size) just think of all those ends. <shudder>

So, Having made quite a few squares, Im more than reluctant to start again for the 3rd time (given first time I started then realised I didnt have enough of the colour to do the rest.

I have been inspired by someone I know Crafty People that I should follow my heart a little and try and sell the ones I make and dont know exactly what to do. So, looking forward I have a cunning plan to work out some nice baby blankets and simple so quickish to do beadspread things, cushion covers etc.

One thing I am of course still tempted to do is make me some fillet curtain hangings for this room as the sunshines in and everyone can see in too.

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