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Going Granny

While I didnt do granny squares in the past, I have taken the plunge and heres the general design.


Now, its not exactly going to win me craft person of the year awards, but, its going to be a mid to dark blue for the spiral and white and actually I think its going to turn out OK. I’ve possibly allowed in the pattern for it to be bigger than I need, so, what I will do is work out in rounds until its about right. Im not sewing them together yet, why? Well if I do more blue squares than I need it could look odd. Which if this makes any sense as you go round the square from the previous round is invaded by the diagonals of the next round.

Initially I had done the 5 in the middle but then noticed I didnt have any more blue of the same colour – so have restarted. Sigh.

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5 Responses to “Going Granny”

  1. Liz Kimber says:

    Its similar except the blank squares will be white, and the black ones will be blue, so rather than each granny square being spiral, the spirals made of squares.

  2. Liz Kimber says:

    Thanks Dennis, so far I only have the middle which just looks like an X, ,the next round the swirl starts taking shape.

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