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My plans are to put some “How I did that” pages/posts together.  While I don’t view what I do as exciting or complicated, I do know that sometimes its just because maybe you never thought it that way.

First plan is making a pattern – now, if i give you an idea of my general premise perhaps it will make more sense. I will of course do properly explained post but:

I decide how big I want my blanket to be – I generally make blankets.

King size is about 300×330

double is about 275×300

single is about 200 x 250

lap is about 150×175

what are those numbers, those are rows and stitches. (depending on which way round you make it.. For me, I generally would do given that its a rectangle, smallest side (be it height or across of your picture) as your number of stitches you’re going to have each row. Because its less to fit on a hook)

Now, lets say you want to make a picture of some famous cartoon character.

Go to and type in the name of what you want. Find a picture you like, if you can find one almost spot on the size you want, pick that, if not you’re going to either have to expand it, or shrink it – shrinking is better because it just works out that way, when you try and add information to a picture that isn’t there it can look funny.

Download the picture, then making the next bit sound simple, every pixel of your picture is a stitch. I try and use as few colours as  I can, as well as try not to have too many small patches of colours, just to save sewing ends and chunks of wool.

Now, as I use Tunisian, I chain number of pixels + 2, and ignore the 2 outside stitches. Follow my picture pixel by pixel across..  Till I’m done.

Now, making your own pictures if you can draw is simpler because you can control it but, there’s no way you cant use this method to do US Double crochets, or UK treble crochet based pictures, if you get black and white pictures you can use it for fillet, grey scale pictures don’t work of course in that manner, fillet is really an on or off square, its either open or filled.

That was it, that’s all I do. However, resizing and fiddling around to reduce colours and so on, can be more fiddly than it sounds. But, that’s the outline of my plans on what I’m going to be posting. Hope you’ll be interested.

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