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Saved by the postie

Im glad to report that my emergency paying on ebay for wool has arrived – so I now have 15 more spare balls of the colour I was short on. I should (I hope) have enough to finish now.

Its growing well, Im now near the top of the 3rd diamond row,  Im finding it harder to crochet with my wool in a bag, as well as 4 big furry faces wanting to assist, much as I love them their idea of “assist” really isnt assisting, lying on it, drooling on it, distracting me coz they want to hug, go out, eat, play, hug, play, did I mention hug? its almost like one of those comical things where each time you put a toe in the bath the phone rings or something.

Id do a picture, but its another bout of playtime, and I want some lunch so maybe later!

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