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My blanket so far

OK, so I have realised I seriously dont count well when it comes to wool and blankets, I either buy 20 too many thinking its going to take like 50 to make a blanket or I start out with like 25, and realise I need 20 more.. what gives?

Anyway, heres my blanket so far:

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2 Responses to “My blanket so far”

  1. so make a napkin and declare victory!

  2. Liz Kimber says:

    😛 thats like as a coder making a command line version to avoid bothering with a UI.its currently about 4.5ft wide and maybe 3 tall, ish, (too lazy to measure sorry)I love this pattern and Im really likeing the colours this time, so, its hard, I dont want to make a small one, I wanna make a huge, huge, massive one.. The kind that I can twirl myself up in and still have spare..I do actually have 3 more blankets to design, 2 texture ones, and 1 with a fairy on.Im really hoping the supplier will get on and get the new colour chart as I fear I need to do a monumental order, but I dont want the hassle of last time where I ordered and got sent a bunch and some were missing because they didnt make those colours any more and no one thought to tell me.I also need a few people to declare their background colours… otherwise it may end up something gross 😛

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