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The bedspread has begun

When I originally saw the pic in a design book called “Blue Ribbon Afghans” I wanted it, just like the one in the book, but, frankly theres far too many colours, you’d need a bazillion colours, in the following picture you can make out that the diamons are divided into 3×3 diamonds, well, its the same design as the dad blanket, only bigger, so the original had 9 different colours in those 3×3 diamonds, where they crossed and went towards the centre and so on.. the colour list really was *LONG*

So, this is the simplified version. Ive texturised the 3×3 diamonds by using a purl stitch for one set and simple stitch for the others.. giving a subtle but nice effect

Well, I think so anyway! Btw, Im making this for me – or at least my spare room or as a huddle blanket or something.. I hope I love it as much when Im done.

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  1. Christine says:

    I really like Dad's blanket and can't wait to see what the bedspread looks like. If you're looking for more knitting or crochet patterns you should check out

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