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Dads blanket – crochet complete!!

I havent sewen the ends, or gone round the colours in a black line like intended, and I may add a border, but, the initial crochet part is complete!

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2 Responses to “Dads blanket – crochet complete!!”

  1. Sooooooooooo weird – I had a dream the other night & the jumper I was wearing had a similar pattern on it!! Duno where I got that from!!

  2. Liz Kimber says:

    hehehe.. I cant claim its original, as its a much smaller version of a pattern in a blanket book where the diamonds are made up for 9 different squares in a kinda graduating but not quite thing where say the diamonds in the bottom row the dark colour would be the bottom of the diamond, a slightly lighter colour the next 2 rows, then a lighter for the 3 across the middle, a lighter for the next 2 and a much lighter for the top.. and stuff, but, as these diamonds are signficicantly smaller than the original blanket, I thought it would be fussy..

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