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The proper loom

I realise the posting of a warping board and some reeds probably didn’t make any sense. As I hadn’t mentioned looms yet. 
I originally bought the biggest Ashford knitters loom. I think it in some ways is probably well suited to my next actual project I know that in my head there are other things I want to make which a knitters loom makes complicated where my new loom makes ease. 

I bought a second (actually at least third) hand loom. Saved a fortune. 

This makes it look huge. It’s about 24″ max weaving width. 

The green and blue thing was what the nice lady (Pam from Spinning School ) taught me how to put the warp on and gave me the blue yarn to finish it. 

I drew what I had been doing in a weaving app so you have a better idea of what I was doing. 

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