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Technically my first 

Below is a grey scarf. What you can’t really tell is it has silver sparkles in it. Technically it is my first ever weaving project bar some pink crap small fluffy thing I made as a kid. 

It’s about 10″ wide I think it was it 9? Should have measures it to post right? And when it was on the loom it was about 80″ long.


Next question is. Who on earth do I give it to? 

It’s not wool. So it won’t be hugely warm. But the silver could look nice with a suit or posh dress. Neither of which you will catch me wearing in a hurry. 

Here it is in the making 

Edit: it is 9″ wide and now 78″ long. 

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  1. Pam G. says:

    Give it to teacher, donate it to cancer patients or homeless shelters. They will love the scarf. To me the scarf is too beautiful and some one will have that around for life.

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