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So. To go with my proper loom I kinda had to face that some things had to change. Namely I now needed a warping board. Having tried to get a cheaper one. Damn shipping costs. I manned up and bought a set of reeds for my loom to make a complete set. A fringe maker to make fringes – you can use plastic hair twirling devices but these are solid and reliable. Plus of course. A warping board. This lot actually cost more than my loom did! 

Only thing I may need in the future is the +4 kit which turns my loom from 4 shafts to 8. This would allow fancy double weave cloth which would be many shades of neat

Not much for 370 quid is it? A picture frame with posts. 4 crocodile clips that spin in a row and 4 grills (reeds to the spinning community) FYI they are 6, 8, 12 and 16 ends per inch reeds. It came with a 10. 

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