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The weekend

Well, the weekend is over. Shame really. Im one of these people who gets to sunday pm and has just about relaxed and gotten into the weekend idea only just in time for it to be over.

So, I wanted to share a bit more about my Seriously nice yarn and More seriously nice yarn as ive now completed the third braid, and am starting on the last! Nooo! Im really liking this stuff.. 

You saw in an earlier post that the yarn comes in a braid

well, this can leave it really compacted, so i floof it up


On the left you see one half i floofed, the right is the half yet to go


The foofing makes it mich easier to spin.  You will just have to believe me on that.  Anyway, heres braid 3 added to the ones done so far


This braid the first half had a lot less green in it than the second, but i dont care, i love this stuff! 

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