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i seem to have made a habit of spinning a single and leaving it on the bobbin. As many of my bobbins are mostly full of I forget what. 

Anyway. Three I did recently were


This was “carded wool” from eBay. I got maroon and black. Clearly this is the maroon one 

Next up



This is Shetland and the blue is an unknown fibre spun on my new limited edition Elizabeth as fine as I dated. Resulting 3 ply is about sock weight which given the fineness of the single seems thicker than expected. 


Been meaning to do more with this.   Back in May last year I spun in the grease some ryeland kept by a guy I work with. Resulting in crimpy yarn which was a great texture but I meant to try washing it first. So this week I did. 

It dried so on Saturday I spun it and plied it 



I have on the bobbin right now some wild craft dyes cheviot which is stupid fine. Heaven knows what I will do with it!

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