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So. I got an as does knitters loom. It’s designed to portable and practical. Well. A little doubt on that.

First thing you do is attach the warp/length wise strings. There are a few way. The “easiest” is the method I tried where you attach the post provided so you can attach a string to the front of your loom and go back and forth. Anyone who is remotely alive should see the design flaw as demonstrated by this picture.


In case you don’t see the flaw. The post is on one end of a rectangle. The provided clamp the other. As you wind strings around the post despite no intentional tension it pulls the post. Because the post is only attached the other end it’s almost impossible given it has to be clamped sideways for it not to start turning and of course twisting out of its clamp. Leading to it then falling off and tangling the exact opposite of what you need.


This lead to one thread escaping so hence there is a flaw in my warp threads that can be seen one third in on the picture. Swearing was had. Due to the height of the loom on the stand it gave me incredible backache. So from start to sit down was about 2 hours!

Actually weaving is a fairly simple process. But I will need to work on plans before warping up again or get a friends assistance. So where a the pic of the finished item? Um. It’s not taken off the loom yet. It’s also very dull. Hopefully it’s long enough to be two tea towels. As I made it from cotton. If I’m really in the mood I may make a big cup of tea and take them off the loom this evening.

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