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Spinning a woollen yarn

So. The technique for spinning a woollen yarn is known as long draw. To the rest of the world it’s more like an act of god. Why? Worsted spinning you grab a handful of fluff and like inch it out one treddle at a time. This is short draw. Long draw you basically set your wheel to do as many rotations as you can and treddle like mad and when you have way too much twist you pull your prepared fibre back while letting go if the twist and like voodoo the twist should travel up the releasing fibre and turn into nice looking single. It’s way quicker than short draw but at the same time it loves to bunch and if you have little fibre and twist it will fall apart or too much twist and your single snaps out if spite.

I succeeded in my first woollen spun bobbin.

Here you see my folate and part filled bobbin


Here’s my full bobbin ready to ply up and see how it really turned out


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