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Tiny owl knits beekeeper’s quilt

Many of you may have heard of the beekeeper’s quilt from tiny owl

The instructions in her pattern are great, but, i wasnt so happy with the look of the hexapuff after. So, i stuck my logical brain on it..

Ok, principals of hexapuff

Cast on
Cast off

My alterations went as follows

For the cast on i used a modified judys magic cast on. It was modified as follows. Normally for this cast on you always wrap the needles from the outside to the middle, and then have to deal with the stitches on the second needle being mounted wrong. If you go from outside to inside on the nearest needle (which ends up as the first you knit) go from inside to outside with the furthest needle.. Why make life harder for yourself, now your stitches arent twisted.

Without giving tiny knits pattern away, i then added 1 round of knits as a setup as this balances the last row.

Then for the increase although a m1r and m1l should arguably be better, I altered the kfb to be a knit back then front on the right side, and normal kfb on the left.

I also then bound off with kitchener stitch. On the grounds its good practice and more over, its finally got into my head

When joining two pieces such as toe end or hexapuff heres a quick way yo think about it

Near side we see is knit, other side we see the purl side.. So

Purl the first knit, and leave it on
Knit the first purl and leave it on

Knit the knit, and pull it off
Purl the next knit and leave it on
Purl the first purl and pull it off
Knit the first purl and leave it on

Repeat 4 to 6 until you run out. Job done

My hexapuff looks like this



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