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A less successful experiment

So, I bit some ryland fleeces from a guy at work, and while waiting for that black Marino to dry, I was not in my best wait for it to dry mood, so, I decided to try it in the grease. Eg, not washed first.

As it turned out, this may not have been a wise move, but, all the same, practice is good.

So, on the bobbin it looked like this.


Pretty cool.

I had managed to spin a fairly fine thread I thought any way, so, I didn’t fancy spinning a second bobbin, so I tried.. Andean plying.

Now, the theory of this is great, in essence you normally use your hand, or a tool to replace your hand and you wind what only can be described as a loop around the back. In principal then, you can grab both ends and ply together ending at the middle.

So, I used a tool, just as well as I got invited out for a dog walk about half way through winding it onto the tool. It looked like this


Again, looks pretty good. I had pre tried the tool on a peice of yarn to check what happens and how it worked. However, the instant I release what should be the 2 ends of the loop, it was clear it’s wasn’t going as planned.


This resembles a curled up hedgehog, it didn’t unwind like it should. This resulted in annoyance, some loss of thread where it tangled beyond my ability to free it.

However, I have now plyed it, and washed it. A lot of the crimp has come back, hence I feel a wash first might have been a good idea, but, I have what must be a lace weight yarn. It just looks a bit wibbly

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