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OMG how long can it take for a hank if yarn to dry, seriously, it’s not like I was putting it out in the rain!

So, the bobbin of Ryeland fleece I got from ugh at work has grown while impatiently waiting, it’s growing well and even and might even produce a lace weight yarn, I’m tempted to try andien plying bug I am worried that the grease will stop it from working and just tie it in a huge knot

However, my hanks were dry, in the end. So, time for yarn cakes…. Yeah, I remembered why I hate hanks now… My swift took a dive off the table, threw the hank off and here was the result


Yeah, lots of swearing had.

3 hours of untangling later


The other 2 hanks went ok, so I have 2 bigger ones and one smaller one.. Now I can finally knit something with them… I wonder what to make..

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