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You spin me right round

So, over the weekend I took the plunge and rather than put some stuff on bobbins ply it and marvel at how it didn’t go as far as I though, I decided to try filling the bobbins as much I could.

I’ve been working short draw, eg you hold fluff in 1 hand and inch out literally the next bit.. Needless to say it’s actually quite slow going when it’s literally inch by inch.

So, I’ve tried long draw, now, this as it suggests is not inching it out but, you support the yarn where you would have inched it out and then pull your back hand backwards instead of the front hand forwards and pull it a long way back, this is known as long draw.. Now, it took me most of the weekend to fill 1 bobbin which was mainly short draw, the second I did this evening in mostly long draw. So, clearly faster. Now, I know the first bobbin is holding 140g of single spun thread the second I have t weighed.. But it looks fairly fat, of course the length if yarn on each will not be identical. Just because I wow my thickness varied.

So, my intention is to make 1 more fat bobbin and then ply all 3 together to make a nice rounded yarn. Hopefully.


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