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OK Im a quarter of the way up, therefore, if Im going to do a centre peice I need to decide on it. NOW.

I have recalculated the number of diamonds, and redrawn allowing for the fact each row was 2 rows, so this is demonstrated in the latest pic



So, this is what it would look like if I just do 3 more lots of what I’ve done, I think you’ll agree its nice but I think its a bit busy. Problem is picking something for the middle



So, here Ive sectioned out a square in the centre. Makes everything very square, but, it needs something in it.. but what?

After a lot of painstaking effort, I tried a circule in the middle, break the squares look, but, a) getting it central is seriously hard, b) I still need something in it!  can you help?

I thought of an 8 pointed star of some form, but, it just sounds a bit “meh” ..

Please, please help!

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2 Responses to “So. HELP!”

  1. foxbow says:

    How about repeating diamonds and squares? Like a diamond into the square, a square into that diamond etc. But I’m afraid that would be painful too =)

  2. Liz says:

    I kinda thought of a Celtic knot, but, I just fear it will end up looking crappy, and I might not be able to tell till way too long later.. Also, anything that isn’t easily obvious so you can just pick up and continue is liable to contain many mistakes. Hence I’m puzzled.

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