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I don’t have a picture today of half my experiment which was to wash some of my black fleece before spinning it, I have been dreading this as perfectly good fluff could turn into toy stuffing or worse if you don’t get it right.

Well, I think I needed a bit more work on the process, and yesterday’s bit is still drying somehow… It’s not that thick! But it still felt damp, but it combed it out and played with my drop spindle and was pleased with how it came out although there was some pilling…. So, clearly room for improvement

I was finishing up the roving I got with my spindle on my wheel. Definitely getting better at the drawing of the fluff to make a more even single and, it’s way less super twisted, but I know from my previous plying that a lot comes out so, now I probably don’t have enough twist.. But hey, it’s the learning process right.


Someone wisely said if you didn’t make mistakes you would never learn.

I still am finding it really hard to treddle a single treddle wheel and keep an eye on my hands. So, I am find it easier to spin the wheel with one hand, and treat it like a sideways drop spindle… Only I would find that easier!!!

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