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I’m addicted to yarn, wether I knit or crochet, so, I’ve decided to up my game.

How you ask? We’ve seen your wool stash, how can you get more up your game. Well.

This week I bought 2 cheap, but new toys.

Firstly, a swift. Following trying to work with a hank as it was resulting in serious yarn barf and swearing, so, tonight I got that out and had a go. Very nice. Forgive the mess, I should have done before and after pictures, as there isn’t much to see, but, I’d like to thank Staci of for her YouTube video giving me the guts to try


Secondly, although I haven’t tried yet, I bought me a drop spindle, it’s the seriously poor mans spinning wheel, it is no more complicated than a rod with a hook at the end, with a disk a short way up, which you twist and once into the swing, allegedly you can dangle and spin the thing round and round and work more freely. Ha ah ha.. With the drop spindle, I also got some roving which is basically unprocessed wool fibres. It came with 4 coloured dyes I can dye it with. Why haven’t I played with it yet? Well.. The roving is so nice and soft, and so nice to look at, I fear I will make such a hash with the spinning of it, I need to work up to it.


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