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March madness part 1

So there I was yesterday morning, happy the sun was out, opened the patio doors cos it was actually warm enough even for me the ice queen….. And well…

Last weekend I started a new ball of white, I knew instantly it didn’t match the last, but, my brain thought it close enough, and in a fairly inconspicuous place, or at least it seemed.

I’m a complete moron….


No, this is not bad lighting causing a shadow, this is apparently what happens when you start in “soft white” and then bought “white” for the project and get this far in…. And the more I worked the more it made the other bit look like I dunked it in my cup of tea, or got it from some old Victorian shop…..

After a fair bit of deliberation, including, shoving it in it’s project bag and trying to ignore it.

I’ve ordered the soft white, and, I’m going to have to unpick all that work….

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