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an eventful day

So. I got to work this morning and posted a bid on an item on eBay. It was almost too good to be true from the price.

Only downside. It was a collect only item. From a rather non local place. But. For the price it would still be worth the trip. Although time would be an issue.

So. Almost the instant I put my bid in on eBay. They had maintenance which was due to finish 9am. By 12 it was still having fits. However in a very disjointed conversation the seller and I had agreed I would pay she would remove it and I could set off “now” to come and get it. I left just after 12.30.

Sheesh I know you might slow down for junctions but remember guys. Those on the motorway have right of way over joiners. Don’t stop. Hells teeth I was going like 30 something junctions. Every pigging one we ground to a halt. Krept and then went back to 70. Oh and a breif stop for the rubber neckers looking at an upside down van.

I got there just after 5pm.

It was a painfully long drive. Found the road. Heck it must be one of the longest I’ve ever been on. And. Non of the damn houses had numbers. Only names.

Thankfully finally I found a number and quickly found the house in question.

Everything was put in my car and by about 5.15 I was trying to head home.

Yeah Cept stupid phones sat nav had gone fruity claiming all sorts did all it told me and thought crap. And set off anyway trying to remember where in hell I had turned coming the other way. Normally home bound is easier as motorways etc are sign posted. Random house in some road. Is not.

Anyway. By this time I was cross with sat nav so came all the way out of it. Back in and oh look its happy now. So there I am happily heading home. Only then it gets a traffic update and decides I need to leave the motorway it will be quicker if I bypass a few junctions. So at the point I turn off. I’m merrily following what seem like random instructions when “low battery GPs and radio disbled”. Marvelous. No sat nav. Even. Though it has been plugged in all the way there and all the way back so far. Phone turns itself off. Much swearing. I poke an prod it. And its charging. Good. Anyway. Random guesses find me finding a sign for the motorway. Not the junction sat nav wanted but if I’m on the motorway I can work out my way home without sat nav.

Eventually phone turns on and sat nav returns but I’m ignoring it by then.

Anyway. I got back to home just before 8. Thankfully a much shorter trip

I visited a friend before heading home.

Putting this thing together was so not funny! I needed 8 arms and seriously the thermometer in my front room went up about 6 degrees while I was trying to do this. To the point I was sweating so much I must have lost pounds!

Finally having sussed a few bits that the youtube video I found didn’t cover well and I apparently don’t have the “how to put it together” instructions. I had I felt achieved. Everything was together. Its now about 1am

I wanted to knit something. Anything. This thing is capable of so much its impossible to imagine. As the web-site claims there’s something like 40000 pattern things in combinations built in. basically its like a Chinese menu. you select what you want at menus by numbers.

I did find it hard to tell what some of the questions were as the book assumes you know which section to find it in. So one experiment was a complete flop. But I think I know why so tomorrow am I shall give it another go

However to prove it works. I did a quick bit of plain double sided knitting.

Its hard to picture how big this machine really is. Its not really longer than a normal bed so about a meter. But because it has a motor so it can zoom for me and more “spare” space each end then it is somewhat imposing. My biggest issue was having a plug socket in the right place. Will deal with that tomorrow.

So here’s a pic of the machine and a quick bit of double sided knitting. In ugly pink. For some reason the back of work doesn’t look quite right.

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