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jumper begins

Frankly this could be the beginnings of a huge disaster. Why? Well I’m not following *any* pattern. I took a bunch of measurements. I drew them down like a course explained. Although I still don’t really get arm holes. Its going to have 3 cables front ans back. The main one up the middle is a 5 stitch cable with 2 2 stitch lines with 1 in the middle. 2 purls either side the 2 knits and then another purl so it has a bar either side. The 2 outer cables will be 4 stitch cables eg 2 knit pair twisted but not the stitch in the middle. I wanted it interesting but not mind bogglingly hard as well while I have done cables before. I don’t remember ever making a jumper with them. So. Given this will be the 3rd jumper I ever knitted. Ambitious? I’d say so. Wouldn’t you?

You wait till my double knitting book arrives and I want to do a double knitted coat! Ha ha ha. call the loony bin.

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