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As you can see from the cover this book is about making some really nice mosaic like shapes all the ones on the outside are motifs the inside has man repeating ones which would be great to do blankets in with maybe the motifs in odd places.

However how she explains to make it seems the most bizarre

Let’s say your motif is stupid simple and consists of

Where say x is a dark colour and o light.

So how is this worked?

Well you would start say with the dark colour. Slip 4. Knit 4. Turn round. Purl 4 slip 4.

Ok. So you did 2 rows of dark. Yes. You read that right. You do the first row twice in dark

you then do 2 rows of light. So here you are thinking easy knit 4 slip 4 turn slip 4 purl 4


Yes exactly. You’re wondering wtf right now. As am I

No. You do the second row in light. Eg. Slip 4 cos the should be dark and knit 4 turn purl 4 slip 4

So how in hell does the light get to thw first but at the bottom. If for example you repeated the pattern the next row is dark. The one after light. So at no point have we knitted any of the stitches on the right hand of our tiny swatch

This is loony. The patterns should be ace for standard strand knitting or even double knitting but these instructions don’t make logical sense as some stitches for example if our swatch was to then reverse so you get little alternating rectangles you would then need to knit 4 slip 4 slip 4 purl 4. At this point you finally knit the right hand side but those cast on stitches have to span 4 rows!

Now in case you didn’t believe me. Please read the instructions and ok you need the pattern. Let me add that. So. Now. You read those instructions and tell me where I went wrong. Because you clearly work row 1 twice in dark and then row 3 twice in light! Wtf!

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