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sock heels without the holes

Ok. My biggest regret with my last socks was that the diagonal on the heel turning had holes. Which I have now solved

Here’s how.

Start sock with 60 stitches if using standard fine sock yarn

Rib for about 2 inches
Mark your first stitch
On first knit row the whole way round pick up your cast in stitches to form a nice thick and comfy sock top
Knit about 12cm
Next turning the heel to do this knit the 20 beyond the stitch marker
Knit 8 stitches knit 2 together
Slip first stitch tug to keep stitch taught purl your way back to 8 beyond the stitch marker. Purl 2 together.
Turn. Slip first stitch

Repeat this back and forth knit/purl the last 2 together until you have the 20 or the heel and have 1 left either end

Next you work back up. To do this knit round to the gap. Pick up the V shaped stitch created by the previous slip. Then knit/purl as you would till you now have 10 again on each side and so are back to 60 stitches in total. Now you will have nice join like mine !

Haven’t done the foot but but the principal is knit until its long enough and then join 2 together twice at the sides exactly over where you had the heel turns so you start off with 20 on year needle and end with 28 as the 2 together will form the toe join.

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