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Stuarts Scarf



Its no good, I hate it.

Im going to have to frog it. I am going to change it to an entrelac scarf, which will complicate matters, as I can only do clockwise ones in the basket weave thing, so, Im going to have to do long strips, which wont be so bad, but, it will mean I need to decide how long it is before I start, which isnt what I wanted to do. Darn it, I hate this scarf it looks shocking.

it needs the changes of colour to make it look right, ,so, the entrelac style should fit better.. Failing that, I should just do a plain stitch and width and stuff.. Bleh.. Whatever, this has got to go, its UGLY.. Sorry Stuart.. I hate it, and I want it to be nice enough – and yes, at this rate it will be too warm for a scarf before I finish it!

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