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Urgent calling all intelligent people!

I posted this before but it was hard to see, this time you can see how it worked up and how the square on the 4 sides of a previous one, all go at 90 degrees to the one in the middle.. However..

OK, so below is a story board for a slightly different tunisian entrelac only, I get stuck as you can see 7 squares in.. why? Well see where the loop is, its got a square to the right of it, and beneath it, for the directionality.. now.. the idea is – according to Crochet Todays Jan/Feb edition, is fine until I get to this round, and I guess subsequent rounds, where you are either working out or across the previous squares, in that you cant work towards an existing square eg join at the top, because you cant.. you can only do bottom and/or left.. so..


So, given you can only do joins on left or bottom or both.. How in **** am I supposed to make this work.. Please help me!!!!


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  1. Liz says:

    A wonderful person on google+ pointed to me the website of the author of the tutorial I was trying to follow, I have posted her a question and I so hope she can help – her blog is

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