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Stuart’s star day 2

Day 2. Another 5 hours and sorry mikey but its still not big enough for a baby!

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2 Responses to “Stuart’s star day 2”

  1. Stuart says:

    I’m confused by the baby comments?! What giant baby is bigger than this? Or are we saying one should be able to wrap a baby in it?

  2. Liz says:

    Baby blankets are usually around 40″ square.. designed to cover said screaming eating pooping machine in a cot.. Mikey (from the youtube videos) who explained how to start the star to make it 6 sided, said it would take 5-6 hours .. now a baby blanket is usually about right for a leg blanket.. so, I was thinking it would be a quick thing if as you watch him crochet, Im slightly faster usually, but he must have seriously slowed down for the camera, cos Im nearly twice as long and its about half the size it needs to be!

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