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I wondering if you would be interested in some tunisian tutorials? What would you be interested in seeing, do you have problems you can send me a picture I can post and answer?

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2 Responses to “Tutorials?”

  1. Chris Marrangoni says:

    I would like to learn tunisian patterns. Maybe starting with a dish cloth. Sounds like an easy way to learn and I’d get use out of the swatches.

  2. Liz says:

    Oddly, I think a dishcloth is one of the few things I never made 🙂

    Sure I could write you a tutorial in making a dish cloth with a couple of different stitches, and maybe even colour changes etc, however, the best thing to do in that respect is on the sites I mentioned, such as there are some examples, youtube of course has many, so if you need different angles, or such, take a look there.

    what Id suggest would be some small squares and sew them together for a cushion cover, or, if you really get into it, a leg blanket, or stupidly into it, make it a bigger blanket. But, you can do small swatches of different colours and stitches, and then put them together..

    If you look at my how I did that you can see I cover how to do some colour changes, but so many good people have already done the how to do stitches and so many other things, it seems daft to add yet another one to the mix when theres nothing I feel missing from those already out and about.

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