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Stephanie’s blanket–day 2

Well, today I believe I have made it upto the 51st row, so that should be around 7752 stitches! It measures 21” now, about 1/3 the way up. I swear I did this most of the day, but there was 90 minutes off when my Dad rang, and then dog interruptions, various other things, so, probably around 6 ish or so hours, technically it was 12, but, I know I wasnt doing it all day I did some other stuff.


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  1. Romulo says:

    Hi again, i started this on a prtaicce piece, and one end keeps growing out, my mom knitted alot and some crochet, she made washcloth’s for everyone for christmas, my mom and dar are 87 and have been married 67 years, can you immagine, christmas day mom was diagnosed with brain cancer treatable not cureable, were so lucky we’ve had her for another year, she did so good with her treatments, i gave her one big ball sceins sp that i was using for my son’t afagan, realized i could use 2 more,

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