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Bavarian Crochet

Firstly, do read that correctly unlike me who read it as Bovarian (as in cow)


So, its not an easy to see picture, but, for scale, this is 12” square.

The astute amongst you will see that its in short a catherine wheel stitch but joined with back posts – its fairly easy, I have been working on this for some of the afternoon and not entirely pushing hard at it – watched too much tv, had a guest pop round, took dogs for walk, so a 12” square isnt bad progress.

Its not a hard stitch to do, you get used to it. it does seem to make a rather dense fabric, so, should be nice and warm when done.

Dont know what I will do with it when its complete. Or how big I will make it. While this is currently done in US trebbles, I do think doubles would have worked for a nicer finish, trebbles are just a bit long and wishy.

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3 Responses to “Bavarian Crochet”

  1. Looks cozy at least – matching the current weather.

  2. Looks cozy at least – matching the current weather.

  3. Liz Kimber says:

    It turns out fairly thick, so, it would be incredibly warm. Actually thats supposed to be the front, but no offense to it, I prefer the back! I'll do a pic of that soon, the back looks like asterisks.. Its pretty IMHO, although I think slightly stronger colours would work better.

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