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Pattern crazy!

So, I enjoy making patterns of things, and its dawned on me that there maybe people out there who would like to make some of my patterns. So, I had a thought.

If I make some patterns, I feel I should charge for them, I don’t tend to charge for anything else I do, so, as long as its a small amount, I don’t expect to be the next Bill Gates from it, in fact I just want a little to ease the cost of my crochet habit.

Would you guys be interested? I would probably put patterns on something like etsy or ebay, my biggest fear is that despite minimal costs I fear people would steal, now, I know most people who do what we do are good people, but, why am I worried? I used to make some software for free, you know what? People used to claim it as their work, people used to get abusive to me about how it was a “rip off” err, its free how can it be a rip off when there were no ads, no hidden bits, it simply did what it said it did. So, I feel a little vulnerable in this area that something I work hard on would be stolen by 1 or 2 bad people and I would feel bad.

So, now I’ve publically aired my thoughts on it. I’m still determined to do it, I just wanted it kinda said.

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One Response to “Pattern crazy!”

  1. Jeff says:

    If you build it, they will come.
    Its worth a try!

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