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Granny Squares – update

So, working on the next round of granny squares for my swirl. You know what? I flippin hate granny squares. I am so not enjoying this.Whats worse is I know deep down I should have made the squares smaller which almost certainly would have meant I would have hated it even more.

I need to do 10 more white ones, and 4 blue.

I cant believe this is what people associate with crochet – that and doilies of course. I have some ideas for my next blanket, I recently bought 4 more books, 2 on borders, 2 on  quick blankets, sadly like so many things in short they rely on wool thats only available state side, which means we cant get it here in the UK unless someone puts it on ebay and then charges you extortionate rates to get it to you. Over here, we dont tend to have many yarns that are big enough and nice enough to use massive hooks with, mostly here while we have chunky stuff, its not hugely common, and anything that is of that size tends to be stupidly fluffy which is very hard to crochet with, so, mostly I end up with double knitting – which is “thin”  by US standards, even with tunisian an I hooks about right to work with.. let alone the M+ that the patterns talk of, it would look more like some form of disaster.

So, thankfully once this blankets complete, I dont intend to do any more granny squares.

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2 Responses to “Granny Squares – update”

  1. I found the granny squares the easiest to make…but I dont think I've ever tried the swirl granny square, is it hard to make?

  2. Liz Kimber says:

    Well my swirl is only a swirl caused b y the way Im going to lay out the colours after, so, realistically its just a bunch. The squares are easy, maybe thats why I hate it so, its 100% repetitious, nothing much to keep me interested.

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