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Granny Square pics

So here is a picture of the original granny square bit I made before I realised I would run out of blue


Its about the size of a cushion – see I should have realised the size issue then shouldnt I?

Heres the new squares Ive done laid out on the floor, as you can see its already of a reasonable size, I need 10 more whites to finish this “round” of squares in the swirl.


Of course I havent sewn them together yet, why? Well. I could, I believe the strength of finish comes in a continuous sew in strips so I could make strips and sew new bits on either end for the rows/columns which ever you choose to make, and then add the new rows/columns.. but, it will come, but it is going to be big.. isnt it? I think even 18 could be way too big, my calculations must be wrong. thats only 6×6 squares and its already a couple of feet wide.

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