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Well, I find myself making a new summer top, but, at the same time thinking of thick warm cuddly blankets, the summer top is called “Summer Breeze” and is by coats and clark, and can be viewed free in pdf form on their website.

For blankets, with the new colour chart out, I should start on my list of wants theres only 1 problem most people havent got back to me with colours.

I was wondering – would you be interested in how I go about doing this? If I did a “How I did that” page or so would that be interesting?

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4 Responses to “Crochet thoughts”

  1. Dearani Abel says:

    totally would! i love your work, and step by step and how i did this blogs are always great!

  2. Liz Kimber says:

    OK, even if its only you, I will do some step by step things. As you say, they are good as sometimes you can read them and they make no sense but someone elses way of explain it it is like "Well DUH I get that"..

  3. Dearani Abel says:

    Oh and that top totally reminds me of the first blanket I ever made. It's called giant checkerboard blankie on ravelry.

  4. Liz Kimber says:

    🙂 I made one of these summer breeze ones before, but I wanted a longer one and slightly longer arms, so they come dow to my elbows.. so, the plan is to well, make some bits a bit longer 🙂

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