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OMG OMG !! New wool colour chart

Amazingly, its only late April, but the new colour chart promised back in Jan has finally come out. I can now go about working out my colours for patterns and get ordering the truck load of wool I guess I will order (I dont ever tend to order a little, that and from where I order you order in packs of 10 of 100g wool, so, to give you an idea, an average blanket say around 6ft bt 4ft or so, is around 15 balls of wool … But of course if you need 6 colours, you end up buying at least 60 balls of wool…. that and then I worry I wont have enough so would buy 2 lots of any colour I think is going to be more than say 8 balls of wool just in case I needed 12.. Estimating wool is the hardest thing I think. Especially if you have a main colour last thing you want is to run out and get a different batch and it looks horrid.

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