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Wool tidy.

OK, my crochet has been rapidly driving me mad, at most in this pattern I will have 21 balls of wool on the go. Now, while thats a bucket load of ends and colour swapping, this isnt the problem, the problem really is 21 balls of wool rolling round the floor with dogs wanting to “help” and the wool gets mucky coz the dog hair (no matter how much you hoover) and I want to create something to hold my wool.

Now, there are wool tidys on the market, most of course hold 1 ball of wool. I have seen 1 that holds 3, but, realistically thats so no use to me, nearly everything i make requires multiple colours on the same row.

Now I had some ideas..

Now, as I think about it the area for each ball needs to be at least 7 -8 inches tall, and probably 4-5 in diameter, the bottom doesnt need to be hugely firm, but it would need to be heavy enough that any slight tugging wouldnt lift it. the tops need to be individually removable as lifting it with like 30 balls of wool going through it would be a pain.. The material would need to be non abrasive so most cloth/felt/etc would be out as it would help the wool prevent turning.

So, one theory I had was a box shape – nice and practical to make, and having diamond shaped dividors, either in cardboard or some shineyish cloth this would be reasonably simple to make but at the same time… May not be hugely efficient, plus, the issue of the “lids” comes to mind

The second theory I had was more revolving round cardboard tubes with plastic lids each end, the top lid with a hole and joining them in a kinda V shape around a pole so you can have a number of balls say 6 per row or  something but wouldnt take a lot of space.. Problem is it wouldnt be very easy to make or carry.

I just need something to organise upto 30 balls of wool (so smaller items which hold say 5 or 10 could work but they would have to be small enough they dont take up the size of my couch) where I can replace/fiddle with any individual ball without it rolling around – I dont have a wool winder, so all british balls of wool you have to work from outside in, which makes it harder to put the balls into a smaller space as they need rolling space.

Ideas would be hugely welcome – its driving me insane.

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3 Responses to “Wool tidy.”

  1. Jens Fudge says:

    Uhm yeah… Get 30 of the ones for one ball..Make a holder/bucket/c​rate that holds 30 single-ball-hol​ders…

  2. Jens Fudge says:

    Uhm yeah… Get 30 of the ones for one ball..Make a holder/bucket/crate that holds 30 single-ball-holders…

  3. Liz Kimber says:

    I thought of that, but for example the average cost on ebay for a crappy wool holder is 7 pounds. some as much as 20 pounds, buying 30 of them would be a tad expensive. I cant believe anyone hasnt thought of multiple wool holders before..

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