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My new blanket

OK, so I started my blanket Im about 46 rows in. I got to the end of the first set of brown diamonds, went to check the spacing again as it looked a bit uneven to find, it is. How in hell have I done that? Im so annoyed. I cant see how Ive ended up out of line, there isnt the space required. Before I pull it all apart, swear and curse like a navvy and possibly even give up, I need to find where Ive gone wrong, if its coz Ive designed it wrong, I will be mad, coz thats always a possibility given I was changing the pattern, if I have counted wrong, I dont see how it seems according to my design I have the right number of stitches between the diamonds at the widest points, so how can it not add up now? The diamonds are right, only thing can be the connectors, and frankly they are simple enough that shouldnt be possible.Grr something isnt right and I dont get it.. So annoyed.

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