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Day 33

| May 7, 2009

Yesterday was a bad day for crochet, for me, for everything. 🙁 Stuck on the M5 for 3.5 hours certainly didnt help,I just sat there thinking how much more of the blanket I could have done and at least it would have been warm!!    

Day 32

| May 6, 2009

    I confess I couldnt sleep much last night so got up around 6am in the end so this pic does include a couple of lines from today. I am now of course shattered and feel I need a snooze 🙁 how typical is that?

Day 31 (Bank holiday monday)

| May 5, 2009

So, today was a mixed day in a number of ways, crappity weather, naff all on tv (well theres a shocker), some interesting news.. But, crochet continued!     As you can see Ive almost finished the top of the tail and the 2 front feet now!

Day 30

| May 4, 2009

Not the best view the tail looks a bit smushed but its just a ripple in the way its laid down

Day 29?

| May 3, 2009

Saturday saw the embarking of an entire week of crochet, I hope I can get it done, as well as not get too distracted as this week is the  only chance!    

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