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Next crochet blanket

So, with the completion of the blanket for Tim, my Dads blanket is the next one up for being done. You know the saddest part? Ive forgotten which colours I meant to use in which sections (DOH!) its been so long since I had to rework the order as various colours werent available, that Ive forgotten the decisions we made..

Darn it.

After that – Im hoping to do a GKR logo on a blanket, I have a good plan, I just need to decide how big I want to make it. I could do 2m square but at the same time thats a fair bit big… It would be fairly fiddly, and difficult to make like it looks right – will need to plan that one a bit.

I also want to make me a blanket – I dont have a picture one yet, and with some recent events in my life – I think doing a few more things for me is a good plan. I kinda wanted to do one like the evil twin or the one for my Dad as I really like the pattern, but, Im fairly sure by the time I get to the end of one for Dad I will be a little fed up with the pattern.. So, it probably needs some adjustment… 🙂

I also have a friend Id like to make a blanket for, but they need to decide colours and patterns and stuff, I guess I need to remind them to think about it!

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