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Vicki’s birthday pressie

So, a special friend of mine was 14 today. I had a cushion I covered for her, in her fave colour (pink) and I hope she loves it. I think it was about a 16″ cushion – dont recall measuring it (oops).. Heres a pic of front and back!

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  1. Luis says:

    but she was crocheting so much, i just orreded 2 more lol, i showed her this last night, and she called me twice this morning she had the same problem i did. one side keep’s going off to the right, so if we are making a scarf do we start with odd or even, and it say’s 2 single crochet at the end so both ends, chain up and turn, and she said one straight and the other side is going off, and i said oh yea i forgot, told her i have to ask you, and i’d call her, it sure is keeping her busy

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